Monday boat trip on Kalamalka Lake turns tragic

Police tape on a private dock on Kalamalka Lake in Coldstream — a reminder of what happened here on Monday leading to the death of a child, who witnesses say is a young girl.

According to RCMP, they were called to the dock at around six p.m. to deal with a boating incident. They arrived to find people in a state of panick — calling for an ambulance.

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Other witnesses tell Global News they saw a bow rider, carrying three adults, racing into the beach area and making a sudden turn toward the dock. They say a woman, believed to be the child’s aunt, ran off the boat looking for assistance.

Two women on the beach, both nurses, ran to the boat and began working on the child, pumping its chest.

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According to police, the child fell off the boat when the driver made a sudden turn and was struck by a part of the boat but didn’t say what part.  According to witnesses, the six-year-old suffered severe lacerations — suggesting that perhaps the child was struck by the prop. The coroner was called to the scene.

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A grief counsellor, who also happened to be on the beach at the time of the incident, helped deal with the family as they waited for victim services and the coroner to arrive.

Talking to a number of witnesses, some are still struggling to come to grips with the tragedy — one telling Global News — the incident served as a reminder on just how quick on outing on the lake can turn so tragic in seconds.

RCMP say the family involved is from North Vancouver and are not releasing the identity of the child.