White nationalists march outside White House, met by thousands of counterprotesters

WATCH: One year after Charlottesville: "Unite the Right" rally overshadowed by counter-protests

A group of about 30 white nationalists has marched to a park near the White House for what they call a rally in favour of white civil rights.

Thousands of counterprotesters are in the area, too, and jeered and heckled the white nationalists as they made their way down the street surrounded by police.

The demonstration and counterdemonstration come on the anniversary of last year’s deadly gathering of neo-Nazis, skinheads, Ku Klux Klan members, and others in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Sunday’s gathering is being led by the principal organizer of last year’s “Unite the Right” event, Jason Kessler.

The group made their way to the White House surrounded by a contingent of police officers and vehicles. Hundreds of counterprotesters are walking alongside the group but keeping on the sidewalks, many of them shouting and taunting the nationalists as they make their way to a park in front of the White House.

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More than 1,000 protesters gathered in Freedom Plaza near the White House to rally against a white nationalist demonstration before the white civil rights activists had arrived.

WATCH: Counter-protesters outnumber white supremacists at White House rally

Counter-protesters outnumber white supremacists at White House rally
Counter-protesters outnumber white supremacists at White House rally

Makia Green, who represents the Washington branch of Black Lives Matter, told Sunday’s crowd that: “We know from experience that ignoring white nationalism doesn’t work.”

The counterprotesters plan to march to Lafayette Square in front of the White House, just before the arrival of the white nationalists. Police have erected a maze of barricades to keep the two sides apart.

The counterprotesters far outnumber the white nationalists.