Graphic anti-abortion pamphlets delivered to Elmwood, North Kildonan homes

WATCH: Residents of two Winnipeg neighborhoods woke up to graphic flyers in their mailboxes from an anti-abortion group. As Joe Scarpelli reports, some parents are just thankful they got to the mail before their kids did.

Residents of two Winnipeg neighborhoods woke up to graphic flyers in their mailboxes this week from an anti-abortion group.

The pamphlets, which show images of what appear to be aborted fetuses, were dropped in mailboxes in Elmwood and North Kildonan.

“Just looking at this is really disturbing,” said Roseanna Beardy, who lives in North Kildonan, who threw the flyer in the garbage after seeing the images.

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Shereen Teixeira, who lives across the street, had also thrown out the pamphlet, before her children could lay eyes on the graphic images inside the pamphlet.

“We can turn the TV off, we can turn the radio off, we can go to a different website, but that comes in your mailbox,” she said. “You’re looking for your mail.”

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The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, which is the organization listed on the flyer, told Global News it will continue handing out the pamphlets, despite the concerns.

There is no city by-law that regulates the content of these types of flyers. However, there is a by-law that states you cannot leave a handbill on someone’s property if there is a sign on the property that says “No Flyers.”

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