EpiPen shortage to continue into August, Health Canada warns

Click to play video: 'Learn more about the EpiPen shortage in Canada'
Learn more about the EpiPen shortage in Canada
WATCH: Pharmacist Betty Golightly joins Global Calgary to discuss the EpiPen shortage across the country, and what alternatives are available. (Jan. 2018) – Jan 23, 2018

Health Canada is warning Canadians the adult dose of the EpiPen is expected to be in limited supply at pharmacies until August 31.

The EpiPen (0.3 mg) is expected to be very limited at pharmacies, and will “likely be depleted in the coming days or weeks,” according to a statement from Health Canada.

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Manufacturer Pfizer says the next available shipment of the EpiPen is expected to come in late August.

But it notes the EpiPen Jr. (0.15 mg) continues to be available.

An EpiPen is used to deliver a lifesaving dose of the generic drug epinephrine through an automatic injector. There are no alternatives to the Epipen sold in Canada.

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WATCH: Health Canada warns of EpiPen shortages across Canada (Jan. 2018) 

Click to play video: 'Health Canada warns of EpiPen shortages across Canada'
Health Canada warns of EpiPen shortages across Canada

Health Canada is reminding people that the EpiPen expires on the last day of the month, so if the expiry date says “August,” the pen can be used until August 31.

Officials also advised Canadians to use expired EpiPens if they have no other alternative.

“In light of the shortage, if you are experiencing an anaphylactic reaction and have only an expired auto-injector, use the expired product and immediately contact 911,” the release states.

Pfizer has previously said the delays were because of manufacturing problems. They are made at a single Pfizer Inc. facility near St. Louis, Missouri.

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