No more strangles symptoms, but horses are still under quarantine at Halifax Lancers’ stables

Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers, a not-for-profit equestrian school, has been closed since the end of May due to the presence of strangles. Alicia Draus/Global News

Nearly two months after two cases of strangles were discovered at the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers stables, the horses remain in quarantine.

Manager and head coach Angie Holt said the horses are no longer showing any symptoms but they are not in the clear yet.

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She said to ensure the infection cannot spread anymore, every single horse in the barn has to be tested. Three consecutive test results must be negative. Currently they are waiting the test results of the second round. If they are negative they can proceed with the third test.

Holt said at this point it is still a waiting game.

“Even if there is one horse that is showing the slightest sign of something, that will set our timeline back so we can’t say right now but we’re hoping that we’re close to the end of the road.”

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The Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers is a not-for-profit equestrian school and Holt said it has been a hard financial hit not being able to host any of their regular programs.

“We have a go fund me page, we’re about two thirds of the way to our goal and we’re very grateful for all the support we’ve gotten through that. We’ve also had quite a few private donations come in, so it’s nice to know how much this place means to so many people.”