Nova Scotia under heat warning for second day in a row

WATCH: Nova Scotia was under a heat warning once again on Tuesday. As Alicia Draus reports, the heat wave is prompting health concerns for the province's most vulnerable.

A heat warning is in effect across the province, including the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM).

According to Environment Canada, a warm and humid airmass has settled over the region. Temperatures this week have reached over 27 degrees and humidex values are near 37.

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The muggy weather can pose a health risk, especially for young children, the elderly or those with underlying medical conditions.

“They may be more prone to being dehydrated,” said Dr. Darrell Chiasson, an emergency physician with the Halifax Infirmary.

“Especially with asthma and COPD and breathing issues the humidity often makes it harder to control their underlying medical condition.”

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Heatstroke or heat exhaustion can happen when there is prolonged exposure to high temperatures or excessive physical exertion outside.

Dr. Chiasson said it can be very serious for some people.

“It can actually end up with the patient coming in with a fever which can lead to neurological conditions such as confusion, which can eventually lead to death if it’s not managed properly,” Chiasson said.

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Surviving a heatwave next to a pizza oven: ‘It gets really hot in here!’
Surviving a heatwave next to a pizza oven: ‘It gets really hot in here!’

People are advised to stay cool as much as possible on hot days. When outside it is best to seek shade and drink lot’s of water to stay hydrated. It is also a good idea to stay away from caffeine and alcohol which can make you dehydrated faster.

Temperatures are expected to drop slightly overnight but will peak around 27 degrees again on Wednesday with the humidex expected to stay around 37 degrees.