Customer takes axe to modem at Ontario Bell store after claiming poor service

Click to play video: 'Bell customer in Burlington destroys modem in front of store' Bell customer in Burlington destroys modem in front of store
WATCH ABOVE: A Bell Canada customer in Burlington, frustrated for months over Internet service, decided to show the company what he thinks of their service: He chopped up his modem in front of a store. Sean O’Shea reports – Jul 19, 2018

A long-time Bell customer, frustrated with the telecommunications company, used an axe to smash a modem this week in front of one of the company’s stores.

Jeremy Parsons of Burlington told Global News his actions this week followed months of efforts to receive service improvements, and came after dozens of phone calls aimed at getting help with what he regards as sub-standard service.

“Bell Canada, for a communications company you are a failure,” said Parsons in a video posted to Facebook.

“I can’t get you on the phone, you don’t respond on social media,” Parsons explained on the video, holding an axe in his right hand.

Moments after the pronouncement, Parsons raised the axe above his head and struck the modem hard three times, smashing it.

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At the end of the video, Parsons exclaimed, “that’s it, your service sucks!”

Parsons told Global News he was trying to make a point: he said the company had not lived up to promises to deliver the fastest high-speed internet service. Nor, he says, has Bell been responsive to his hours of efforts to get his service at home improved.

Parsons says at times, his service would not work at all.

“I spoke to 14 (Bell) people and lost connections with them three times in three hours,” said Parsons, citing one example of how difficult it was to get the problem resolved.

He added that he frequently called Bell representatives while stuck in traffic and, at other times, called the company to get help.

Parsons said on other occasions he was promised that a Bell supervisor would call him back, or was given assurances someone at the company would fix the problem with his internet connection.

At all times, Parsons — who works in the hospitality business, he says, and depends on his Internet service for his livelihood — says Bell let him down.

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Bell Canada, in contrast, claims it supported Parsons properly.

“Our tech support team has assisted Mr. Parsons on numerous occasions with questions about his internet service and have visited his residence several times to offer assistance. We’ve tested the modem speed at Mr. Parsons’ home, and he is receiving the best service currently available in his area,” said Nathan Gibson, Bell’s spokesperson in Toronto.

“We will contact Mr. Parsons to discuss any other solutions that may be available,” Gibson said.

While employees appeared ambivalent when the modem was smashed, Parsons says other customers came out and shook his hand. Parsons says they expressed sympathetic views about Bell’s service, or what he called the lack of it.

“People said, I wish I’d done that.”

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