Mosquitos swarm Regina after summer showers

Click to play video: 'Regina mosquito counts boom after unusually low 2017' Regina mosquito counts boom after unusually low 2017
Your backyard suspicions are correct, the mosquitos are multiplying. The populations almost three times bigger than average, and over ten times worse than 2017 – Jun 26, 2018

Your backyard suspicions are correct, those bothersome bloodsuckers, those multiplying mosquitos, are worse this summer.

In fact, the swarms are almost three times bigger than average.

“In our control zone we averaged 77 mosquitos per trap, versus outside of our control zone which was 800 mosquitos per trap,” Russel Eirich, the manager of forestry, pest control and horticulture for the City of Regina said.

Regina’s mosquito control program has tracked the mean number of mosquitos per trap since 1986. Historically the city would expect to find 27 mosquitos per trap this week, but last year that number was as low as 4.

“What’s driving the issue is actually the rain events that we saw at the beginning of June, and now what you’re seeing is the adult mosquitos are actually coming out and starting to become very active,” Eirich said.

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The City of Regina’s latest counts found a mean of 77 mosquitos per trap, well above the average of 27. Global News

It’s a fact that hasn’t escaped the people of Regina.

“Last year the mosquitos were not really an issue because it was so dry, but since we had that lovely 5 inches of rain, yeah the mosquitos are starting to hatch,” remarked Wendy Hornung as she walked through Wascana Park.

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“I enjoy my yard, go out and play with my flowers and things; just put on spray and I’m good to go,” she continued.

“Compared to last year, I get eaten up, but this year I’m just like, my backyard is swarmed with them, coming around here I’m just itching all over, they’re pretty bad,” Brianna Laplante added.

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“I’ve noticed them in the backyard in the evening,” Denise Jenkins Folstad noted, but her walking partner, Sally Orr, couldn’t say the same. “Not at all, where I am,” Orr said.

The city said they did find Culex mosquitos in their counts. Those are the mosquitos that can carry viruses like West Nile.

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“In terms of the overall numbers, it’s just a trace that we’re getting right now, but it’s enough of a trace to know that they’re out there,” Eirich said.

No mosquitos infected with West Nile Virus have been found in the province this year, and the risk rate is set at low.

“In the evenings if you’re out wear that light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing that will definitely protect you,” he said.

Eirich says the best measures people can take are to use mosquito repellent and make sure they drain any static bodies of water in their backyard.

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