Puppy paramedic: police dog in Spain appears to perform CPR in video

WATCH: Madrid Police video appears to show a police dog performing chest CPR.

A police dog in Madrid, Spain has shown he’s the perfect pup to have around in an emergency.

Madrid Police posted a video to Twitter on June 22nd that shows the police dog “Poncho” appearing to give CPR.

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The video, which was recorded at a training event, shows an officer pretend to collapse.

That’s when Poncho leaps into action. The dog repeatedly jumps on the officer’s chest in an apparent effort to perform a canine form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

The animal then puts his head to the officer’s neck and appears to check for a pulse.

In a tweet, Madrid Police called the dog’s performance “masterful.”

The adorable video has gained over 2.31 million views on social media.

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