Bicycle-friendly Peterborough may be impacted by the cancellation of Ontario’s cap and trade program

Click to play video: 'Peterborough’s cycling community questions cancellation of carbon tax by Doug Ford'
Peterborough’s cycling community questions cancellation of carbon tax by Doug Ford
The "Electric City" is now becoming the city of peddlers as more and more people take to riding bikes – Jun 21, 2018

The city of Peterborough is fast gaining a reputation as a leading cycling-friendly community.

But now that Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford has vowed to scrap the carbon tax or cap and trade program, that reputation might have hit a speed bump.

Last week the downtown core became one of five in the province designated a bike-friendly city by a provincial group that monitors bike activity.

“Most citizens are interested in cycling and having better cycling infrastructure,” said Sue Sauve, Transportation Demand Management Planner for the city.

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Last year Peterborough got $840,000 from the program.

But with its cancellation questions are now being asked about where any cash will come from for such things as bike trails and bike lanes on city streets.

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“Our hope would be some some sort of sustained funding for cycling infrastructure funded somehow through the province,” said Sauve. “Whether you look at it through a sport and culture lens or a transportation lens there are different ways that cycling can be funded.”

Others are worried about the long-term repercussions of zero government funding.

Brianna Salmon is the executive director of Peterborough GreenUp.

“If we see funding dry up for important infrastructure like that, that’ll have an impact on our community.”

When asked how she felt about the situation, one two-wheel rider said “it was a big mistake.”


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