8-year-old girl stuns playing ‘complicated’ Led Zeppelin song on drums

Click to play video: '8-year-old drummer playing Led Zepplin cover is taking over the internet' 8-year-old drummer playing Led Zepplin cover is taking over the internet
WATCH: 8-year-old drummer playing Led Zepplin cover is taking over the internet – Jun 19, 2018

An eight-year-old girl from Japan is dropping jaws after a video of her was posted playing John Bonham’s drum part in Led Zeppelin’s Good Times Bad Times.

According to Billboard, the tune is known for its complicated drum solo, but that doesn’t seem to faze young Yoyoka Soma.

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The nearly three-minute-long video was originally posted four months ago and submitted as part of a contest called Hit Like a Girl.

The video has now garnered over 2.6-million views on Vimeo.

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Soma is considered a Japanese musical prodigy as she’s been drumming since the age of two. She now plays in a family band called Kaneaiyoyoka where she also plays the keyboard and provides vocals, her Vimeo page states.

“My dream is to be the best drummer in the world,” she says on her Vimeo page. “In addition, I want to be an artist who can do anything: play all instruments, recording music, mixing the sound and designing the CB album jackets.”

And now, people on social media can’t stop talking about her. She’s even caught the eye of other musicians like Sheryl Crow.

Soma has responded to all the feedback with a tweet to Rolling Stone saying:

According to a Twitter page belonging to Soma’s mother who is also in the family band, she submitted another video of the young girl playing the drums to a different contest last year but did not even get past the second round of judging. Click the link in the tweet to see the video she submitted.

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Soma also has her own website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter page, all of which show her skills drumming to original songs you can find on her CD, as well as covers of other songs like the Led Zeppelin classic Immigrant Song and more.

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