Do It For Dad aims to raise money for prostate cancer

Do It For Dad, 5KM run/walk in support of prostate cancer, June 17, 2018. Do It For Dads - Walk/Run Edmonton Facebook

Today on Father’s day, Prostate Cancer Canada is bringing awareness to men’s health.

It’s holding a 5K walk/run in Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Halifax called Do It For Dad.

Alberta committee member for Prostate Canada, Megan Skead, explained why the event is held on Father’s Day.

“It really brings awareness to the fact that this can happen – obviously you know breast cancer is very big because people bring awareness to that and moms. So we do that with dads as well just to show that you know what there is that cancer as well and we want to focus on that cause, if it can be caught quick enough, you know we can cure it a lot easier if it’s caught earlier on.”

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In its 15th year, Do It For Dad is one of a few events held in Edmonton to bring awareness to the disease, and the foundation wants to keep diversifying its events to keep the conversation going.

“Any little bit of awareness that we can bring to it is absolutely fantastic,” Skead said.

“We don’t want anyone to go without a dad in their life, it’s not an easy thing to do when you don’t have one, so if we can raise awareness and raise some money then that’s all the better.”

The event was held at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, open to all ages, with the proceeds going to Prostate Cancer Canada.

If someone isn’t able to make it to the event but still wants to donate they can visit

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