The Oshawa pier is now open to the public

Oshawa pier opens to the public for the first time this year. Global News

The Oshawa pier is officially open again, after months of uncertainty.

The city and the Oshawa Port Authority have been involved in insurance discussions following an accident last year.

A tugboat was bringing a ship into the harbour when it struck the pier causing significant damage to the railing.

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“We had received notice that they were going to close the pier to the public and we worked very hard to get insurance in place  We’ve repaired the pier and I’m proud to say that you can go down to the pier today,” said Oshawa Mayor Jon Henry.

The Port Authority owns the pier, however, it has had an agreement with the city since 1986, to allow public access.

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While the pier is now open to the public, it restricts anglers from casting their lines off it.


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