211 Saskatchewan service expands to include phone, text, online chat

Manitoba's 211 use continues to rise, despite not yet being a number you can actually call. Dayne Winter / Global News

There’s a new way to help navigate through some of life’s challenges, and it could be only a text message away.

United Way expanded their 211 Saskatchewan website service to include phone, text and online chat services.

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The expansion will be accessible province-wide and connect people with 5,000 government and community-based health and social services.

In 2017, 110,000 people used the 211 Saskatchewan website.

“It’s another way of identifying and helping to direct supports and helping people connect to the supports that they need to thrive,” United Way Saskatoon Shaun Dyer said Wednesday.

The 211 line can supply information for basic needs such as food and shelter, or trying to find childcare or support for an aging parent.

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Saskatchewan is the third province in the country to expand their 211 website service.

The service is also available in more than 100 languages, 17 of which are Indigenous.

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