Gravenhurst beaches set to reopen after hazardous materials forced temporary closure

Beaches in Gravenhurst are set to reopen after extensive sweeps were done to ensure all hazardous materials were removed. Town of Gravenhurst / Provided

Gull Lake Beach in Gravenhurst is set to reopen on Wednesday, June 13, after hazardous materials found in the water forced a short closure.

The beach was closed on June 1 after broken glass and nails were found in the water. The closure allowed city staff to perform enhanced sweeping of the water and beach area to remove the hazardous materials.

Other beaches in the Gravenhurst area which were closed as a precaution, are scheduled to reopen on June 15 in the afternoon. This includes Muskoka Bay, Muskoka Beach and Lorne Beach.

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Two beaches in Bracebridge, Kirby’s Beach and Bracebridge Bay Park, were also closed after sharp objects, including sewing needles and broken glass, were found over the Victoria Day long weekend. Both beaches in Bracebridge have since reopened.

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According to a statement released by the town, staff have made a concerted effort to clean the beaches by performing various enhanced measures. A third-party contractor was called in to conduct comprehensive mechanical raking of the beaches, while volunteer scuba divers conducted underwater sweeps to ensure no other sharp objects were present.

City staff say they will continue to monitor the beaches to ensure public safety.

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The OPP have been conducting an investigation as to whether these incidents are linked to a disturbing letter that was mailed to an area newspaper, the Huntsville Forester.

The letter, titled “A Message from the Islamic Revolutionary Force,” threatened the safety of beaches in the Muskoka region. Police have not yet confirmed the letter’s legitimacy.

Police were unable to say for sure whether the incidents in Bracebridge and Gravenhurst are connected, however, the investigation is ongoing.

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