‘Two leaders, one destiny’: Trump courts Kim with fake movie trailer

Click to play video '‘A meeting to remake history’: Bizarre video shown at Trump press conference' ‘A meeting to remake history’: Bizarre video shown at Trump press conference
U.S. President Donald Trump shared a dramatic video touting the importance of the summit with Kim Jong Un.

“Two men. Two leaders. One destiny.”

U.S. President Donald Trump brought some early ‘90s-era Hollywood pizzazz to his meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, by showing him a four-minute trailer video laying out the stakes of their historic summit.

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Trump screened the video for Kim on an iPad at their meeting in Singapore, before sharing an English version with the gathered press a short time later.

“There comes a time when only a few are called upon to make a difference,” the deep-voiced narrator of the video says in English.

“A new world can begin today, one of friendship, respect and goodwill.”

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The video juxtaposes images of famous world landmarks, prosperous cities and happy people with austere, black-and-white shots of North Koreans at war. Dramatic music plays throughout.

It also features a bizarre shot of a basketball player performing a dunk, in a nod to Kim’s love for the sport.

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Click to play video 'Breaking down Donald Trump & Kim Jung Un’s historic deal' Breaking down Donald Trump & Kim Jung Un’s historic deal
Breaking down Donald Trump & Kim Jung Un’s historic deal

The narrator touts the summit as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Kim, urging him to “shake the hand of peace” or face the alternative.

The video doesn’t explicitly state what that alternative will be, but it does show a sequence of war and flames, reminiscent of the “fire and fury” Trump once promised to rain down upon Kim.

“There can only be two results: one of moving back, or one of moving forward,” the narrator says.

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Kim and Trump are presented as the central figures in the trailer, with the chance to remake the world and change history.

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“Their story is well-known,” the narrator says while images of Trump and Kim appear on screen. “But what… will be their sequel?”

Trump said the video was meant to illustrate the bright future that might be ahead, if Kim agrees to denuclearize.

“I think he loved it,” Trump said during his post-meeting news conference. He added that Kim and his delegation seemed “fascinated” by the video.

“I showed it because I really want him to do something,” Trump said.

Kim Jong Un is known to use propaganda films to influence his subjects. His father, Kim Jong Il, also loved movies.

It’s not the first time a video has been used to woo Kim.

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South Korean President Moon Jae-In also unveiled a video produced for the North Korean leader during their meeting at the Demilitarized Zone in April.

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Trump’s trailer was produced by Destiny Pictures, a production company run by former casino croupier Mark Castaldo.

Castaldo spent a decade working in the casino business in Atlantic City and Las Vegas before he became a producer, according to his website.

He is listed on IMDB as a producer or co-producer on nine films or short videos produced from 2000-2013.

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