‘He comes with toilet paper’: Mystery pooper in Queen West wanted by police

Click to play video: '‘It’s embarrassing:’ Queen West neighbours search for ‘mysterious pooper’'
‘It’s embarrassing:’ Queen West neighbours search for ‘mysterious pooper’
WATCH ABOVE: Signs are plastered across a Queen West neighbourhood to alert residents of a man who is allegedly defecating on their lawns. Caryn Lieberman has more – Jun 8, 2018

A movement is growing in a quiet Queen West community to locate the person responsible for allegedly defecating on people’s property.

“Sometimes he has a Tim Hortons coffee cup in his hand, so I mean he can use the washroom at Tim Hortons,” said Judy Daley, who lives in a townhouse near Queen Street West and Soho Street.

The neighbourhood is plastered with signs showing a well-dressed man strolling through a courtyard in Soho Square with the coffee cup Daley referred to in hand.

“Please be aware this man is defecating publicly in the neighbourhood early in the morning. The police have an active investigation to identify him,” the posters said.

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There is also a phone number to call for Toronto police and a case number quoted.

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If the person is caught, a Toronto police spokesperson said he could be charged with “mischief interfering with property.”

Daley said she never saw the suspect in the act, but she has seen the evidence.

“He comes with toilet paper so we know it’s human rather than dog,” she noted while giggling.

Toronto’s mysterious pooper is not the first to make headlines for making a stink.

In New Jersey last month, a school superintendent was caught relieving himself on a high school football field. Thomas Tramaglini, 42, was charged with lewdness, littering and defecating in public.

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The “Mad Pooper” is the nickname given to a jogger in Colorado, who repeatedly defecated in public last summer. Photographs of her have been made public, but police have yet to catch her.

Finally, this week in Australia a man dubbed the “Poo Jogger” was arrested after neighbours complained of a man defecating on their property more than 30 times. He is a well-known executive who has now been charged with creating a public nuisance and fined.

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