Kathleen Wynne resigns as Ontario Liberal Party leader

Ontario Election: Kathleen Wynne resigns as head of Ontario Liberal Party
WATCH: Kathleen Wynne announces resignation as Ontario Liberal Party leader

Kathleen Wynne has resigned as leader of the Ontario Liberal Party after her party’s defeat in the provincial election.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario won a majority mandate, Global News projects, meaning Doug Ford will be the new premier of Ontario.

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“I have spoken to the party president and asked him to start the process of choosing an interim leader, and it is the right thing to do. There is another generation and I am passing the torch to that generation,” Wynne said as Ontario Liberal supporters cheered.

While Wynne will now longer serve as premier or party leader, did manage to retain her position as MPP from Don Valley West. She told supporters she was still determined to continue in Ontario politics.

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“I know that tonight is not the result we were looking for, and no one feels that more sharply than I do. But this is not a moment where any of us should linger; we can’t stay here. I hope that you can feel very proud of what we have done together in the past, and absolutely determined to take on the task that lies ahead,” she said.

“We won’t get there with anger. We won’t get there with despair. So although I’ve lost this election tonight, I have not in any way lost my passion for continuing this work, continuing to find ways to make it all work better.”

WATCH: Kathleen Wynne votes in 2018 Ontario election

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne votes in 2018 Ontario election
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne votes in 2018 Ontario election

Wynne admitted last weekend that her party would lose the election, but she continued to urge Ontarians to vote for their local Liberal candidate in order to prevent the PCs and the NDP from securing a majority government.

The Liberals are in danger of dropping to single-digit seats in the legislature, which would mean they lose official party status.