Nova Scotia artists produce music video to highlight child abuse program at IWK Health Centre

Nova Scotia artists came together in late April at The Sonic Temple to produce an acoustic video for Classified’s “Powerless.”. Monica Phung/ SeaStar

Some of Nova Scotia’s most recognizable musicians have come together to create a music video that raises awareness for a program that helps children who have experienced violence and abuse.

The group, which includes David Myles, Joel Plaskett, Rose Cousins, Elijah Will, Neon Dreams and Breagh MacKinnon of Port Cities, produced an acoustic version of Classified’s song “Powerless” this past spring.

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“We did this partnership with the SeaStar Centre to bring awareness to all the great things they are doing to help children who have been abused — all the musicians who came through really made it something special” said Nova Scotia-based rapper Classified, in a news release.

The SeaStar Child and Youth Advocacy Centre is based out of the IWK Health Centre and helps children and youth who have gone through abuse or violence in their lives. The centre offers support from law enforcement, child welfare, health care, mental health care and the justice system.

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The goal, according to the centre, is to decrease trauma and improve outcomes for children.

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“We see the impact that SeaStar has for children and families every day. Together, we can make sure that no child feels ‘powerless’ because of what has happened to them” said Dr. Amy Ornstein, medical director of the IWK’s Suspected Trauma and Abuse Response Team, in a news release.

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Classified, whose real name is Luke Boyd, released “Powerless” in March as his reply to the #MeToo movement. The song focuses on the Indigenous people of Canada and women and children who have suffered abuse.

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According to Boyd, inspiration and lyrics are drawn from a letter from a young girl in Newfoundland and Labrador. The girl wrote to him and said he was her hero, after he blasted a judge on Facebook for handing a St. John’s man a five-year sentence for sexually assaulting her when she was 11.

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