Surrey peacocks are in so much heat, they’re fighting their own reflections

Click to play video: 'Peafowl fight becomes police incident' Peafowl fight becomes police incident
The dispute over peafowl that roam free through a Surrey neighbourhood has turned into a police incident. Aaron McArthur explains why one homeowner was arrested for his treatment of the birds – Jun 5, 2018

It’s mating season in Surrey.

And for a muster of peacocks that live in the city’s Sullivan Heights area, that means standing up to any competition they see — including their own reflections.

WATCH: Ruffled feathers in Surrey over peacock’s mating behaviour

Click to play video: 'Ruffled feathers in Surrey neighbourhood over peacock’s mating behaviour' Ruffled feathers in Surrey neighbourhood over peacock’s mating behaviour
Ruffled feathers in Surrey neighbourhood over peacock’s mating behaviour – Jun 2, 2018

The peacocks have proven a nuisance in the community, where they’ve been seen wandering after a homeowner cut down the tree they frequented on his property.

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Some birds have been seen fighting their own reflections in the doors of people’s cars, leaving scratches behind.

Neighbours have also grown frustrated with one resident they say is feeding the birds and keeping them as partially domesticated pets.

Bylaw officers were called to serve him with a $250 fine; the RCMP was later contacted to deal with him on Monday night.

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The city has visited a property over concerns about peacocks on numerous occasions, but the homeowner wouldn’t speak with Global News.

A man on the property wouldn’t give his name when Global News visited.

He said a giant bird feeder and cages there had nothing to do with the birds.

He said they were for crows, and that people are allowed to feed wildlife.

Peacocks on a roof in Surrey. Global News

“Frustration is quite high now, it’s a tense situation,” said Jas Rehal with the City of Surrey.

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Complaints are undoubtedly piling up about the birds. But there are some who love their presence in the community.

“We love peacocks, that’s why we bought a house in this area,” said one nearby resident.

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