Leduc patients contacted about potentially ineffective vaccine

File / Global News

For the second time this year, Alberta Health Services has notified patients about a potentially ineffective vaccine.

The health authority said the dTap vaccine that was provided to 298 patients at the Leduc Community Hospital’s emergency department may have been ineffective because of incomplete monitoring of a vaccine fridge.

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On May 7, it was discovered the emergency department’s vaccine fridge didn’t record temperatures properly.

The dTap vaccine prevents against diphtheria, tetanus and pertusis. The vaccine was being used to update immunizations for people with possible tetanus-prone wounds.

AHS said the risk of tetanus infection is “very low,” but it’s advising patients to get re-immuized.

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Only patients who are contacted by AHS are considered affected by the issue.

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The Alberta health authority said proper monitoring is now in place at the Leduc hospital emergency department.

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In January, 131 people were notified about a similar problem at the WestView Health Centre emergency room in Stony Plain.

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