Gas supply shortage to blame for closed pumps at Petro-Canada stations in Edmonton: Suncor

A Petro-Canada station in Edmonton is seen with its pumps closed on May 29, 2018.
A Petro-Canada station in Edmonton is seen with its pumps closed on May 29, 2018. Global News

Several Petro-Canada gas stations have had their pumps closed in parts of Edmonton this week and Suncor Energy, whose brand the gas stations operate under, says the outages are the result of a supply issue.

“We are currently experiencing a gasoline supply shortage,” Suncor said in an emailed statement to Global News on Tuesday. “We understand that this is an inconvenience for our customers and we apologize.

“We are doing everything we can to minimize the impact, including sourcing additional supply.”

Suncor did not say what brought on the supply shortage.

This week, Global News crews have spotted various Petro-Canada gas stations that had their pumps closed, including locations near Southgate Centre mall, on 23 Avenue near Rabbit Hill Road and in the area of 57 Avenue and 111 Street.

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It is not clear when the supply issue will be resolved.

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Two years ago, Suncor Energy apologized to consumers for gas shortages at Petro-Canada stations across Western Canada. In that case, the energy firm blamed gas production problems in the United States and Alberta for the fuel shortage at the pumps.

At the time, Suncor said the Fort McMurray wildfire and an outage at its Edmonton refinery were impacting supply at the pumps.