Fast flowing Bow River prompts boating advisory in Calgary

High flow rates prompt boating advisory for Bow River on May 28, 2018. Tom Reynolds/Global News

The Calgary Fire Department is advising against boating and other watercraft activities on the Bow River due to a higher than average flow rate, according to a news release from the City of Calgary.

The Bow River is currently flowing at a rate of 298 cubic meters per second, which is higher than average for this time of year Carol Henke.

“Runoff from melting snow in the mountains is causing cold-water temperatures, and when combined with high flow rates makes the river conditions dangerous,” Calgary Fire Department (CFD) spokeserson Carol Henke said.

The CFD Aquatics Team will be monitoring the river, but in the meantime, officials suggest the public stay away until conditions improve. This includes being careful on riverbanks which may erode and collapse due to the fast-moving water.

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The high flow rate and previous flood damage to Harvie Passage creates an extreme safety risk and recreational boating continues to be prohibited in that area, the city said in a news release.

The Calgary Fire Department is also reminding river users to always exercise caution when using the river, no matter the circumstances. All watercraft users must wear a life jacket and avoid consuming alcohol or other intoxicants while on the river.

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The City of Calgary bylaws and safety alerts for rivers and bodies of water can be found on itsĀ website and Calgarians can monitor river flow levels on the Alberta Environment and Parks website.

High flow rates have prompted a boating advisory for the Bow River on May 28, 2018. Global News/Tom Reynolds

There are no current flood advisories related to the city, however river flooding typically occurs between May 15 and July 15 due to the combination of snowmelt and heavy rainfall, the city said.

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More information about flood safety and preparedness can be found online.

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