In Photos: Kids with Cancer ride in annual Parade of Heroes

Hundreds ride in Parade of Heroes Saturday in Hawrelak Park. Global News

It’s a day that both the riders and the passengers look forward to every year — the annual Parade of Heroes, organized by the Kids with Cancer Society.

This year, about 200 riders descended on Hawrelak Park to take children with cancer around the park for rides on their bikes.

“Today is very special because the children are on treatment and get to meet other families and also the people that are raising funds for them,” said Val Figliuzzi, executive director with the Kids with Cancer Society.

Parade of Heroes. Global News
Parade of Heroes. Global News
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Over the past 13 years, the Parade of Heroes has helped raise over $2.7 million for Kids with Cancer.

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“We work with these children every year and when you ask what is their favourite thing, they often say the motorcycle ride,” Figliuzzi said.

The event also coincides with the Revving Up for Kids Motorcycle Adventure, another major fundraiser for the Kids with Cancer Society, which takes place June 21 to 24.

“[We want to] let them know they’re not alone in the fight against childhood cancer.”

Global’s Gord Steinke took part in today’s ride.

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