White powder found outside Saskatoon city hall

Saskatoon Fire Department officials said the unknown powdery substance – later found to be sugar - was on the ground outside city hall. Tyler Schroeder / Global News

A white powder found in Saskatoon’s downtown has turned out to be sugar.

Emergency personnel were called to Saskatoon city hall just after 1:30 p.m. CT on Friday after white powder was found at a doorway to the building.

Fire department officials said the unknown powdery substance was on the ground. Two people exposed to the substance were placed in isolation.

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Hazmat crews later confirmed the substance was sugar.

“We sent a team in with specialized testing equipment and they were able to confirm that the product was a sugary substance,” assistant fire chief Wayne Rodger said.

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“Which then confirms the report that we got, which came in simultaneously, that city hall received a delivery of flour and sugar for the cafeteria this morning.”

Fire officials wanted to stress that every call of this nature must be taken seriously and they would rather be cautious then to dismiss it as a prank.

They added there was no risk to the public and city hall continued to operate normally.

Traffic in the area was restricted while fire crews carried out their investigation. Saskatoon police said those traffic restrictions have been lifted.

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