Curious swan thinks Global News camera is for the birds

Curious swan checks out Global News camera
A curious swan on the Fraser River found wanted to know a little bit more about our Global News camera.

While reporter Paul Johnson was covering the rising Fraser River on Sunday, he came across a rather curious swan.

The swan was making its way around the waters of the floating home community in Richmond and saw the news camera.

The bird made its way over and then can be seen trying to eat or peck at the camera.

WATCH: While flood waters recede in some parts of the province, they are rising in others. Paul Johnson reports:

Fraser river flood advisory
Fraser river flood advisory

According to Fraser Valley Birding, swans are a fairly common sight in this area at this time of year.

READ MORE: B.C. flooding news Monday: evacuation alerts remain along Fraser River

B.C.’s River Forecast Centre has issued a high streamflow advisory for the main stem of the Fraser River.

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The level of the lower Fraser River is slowly creeping up, raising concerns for the many people living along the river in Metro Vancouver.