Dog alerts Penticton family to house fire

It was the barking of the family pet that alerted three people to the fact their house was on fire.

The dog noticed the flames even before the smoke detectors went off.

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The fire was reported at approximately 3 a.m. today at 4003 Finnerty Road in south Penticton.

Skylar Noe-Vack
Skylar Noe-Vack
Skylar Noe-Vack


“On arrival we had flames through the roof and confirmed everyone was out of the home,” fire chief Larry Watkinson said.

“PFD made an aggressive interior attack, but was forced out due to structural integrity of the home. At that time we continued our efforts from the exterior of the home.”

All three occupants were able to escape the home without injuries.

While it has been determined the fire started outside of the home on a lower deck, there is no word yet on the cause.

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