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911 call played in Day 2 of Jillian Across The Mountain manslaughter trial

WATCH ABOVE: The trial of a Lethbridge woman charged with manslaughter in the death of her partner continued in Lethbridge court on Tuesday. As Quinn Campbell reports, Day 2 of Jillian Across The Mountain's trial began with a juror being dismissed.


Family members of Frances “Candy” Little Light cried quietly in the gallery as a 911 call with her voice on it played for the jury.

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Day two of the manslaughter trial for Jillian Across The Mountain heard five 911 calls played in court but none of that evidence was heard until after a male juror was dismissed.

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There are now 11 jurors to hear the evidence in the trial for Across The Mountain, who is accused of causing the death of her partner at the time, Little Light, in 2016.

Justice Rodney Jerke reprimanded the juror, explaining an alternate juror cannot take his place because evidence had already been heard, and ultimately dismissed him from his duties, saying the juror had done a “disservice to not only the accused, but to the court and the community.”

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Const. Nicole Arvay was the first witness called to the stand.

She was dispatched to Little Light’s residence three times on the day of her death.

The first was at around 7:30 a.m on Feb. 7 after a call came in about a disturbance of someone yelling and kicking at doors.

Arvay testified Across The Mountain answered the door.

Little Light was sleeping on the couch and Across The Mountain appeared to be sober and was polite and cooperative with officers.

The constable then said Little Light was agitated and appeared to be very intoxicated when they woke her up, adding she was yelling at the police and upset they were there. Across The Mountain said she would keep an eye on her and police left.

The defence played several calls during the constable’s testimony during cross examination where Little Light repeatedly called 911, yelling at the dispatcher and saying police were harassing her. After the repeated calls to 911, the constable made her second visit to the apartment to calm her down and assure Across The Mountain would look after Little Light.

The third visit to the residence was just after 5 p.m. Arvay entered the apartment and Little Light was slouched on the floor in a sitting position with blood all around her. She was unresponsive.

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She testified Across The Mountain was no longer at the apartment, but four other people who had call 911 were.

The 911 call made by one of the women who discovered Little Light was then played, the woman can be heard telling the dispatcher she had crawled through a window, found Little Light and thought she was dead.

The next witness was a Brandon Plaited Hair who was staying in the building with his brother. He had heard Little Light yelling the night before.

The next day, sometime in the afternoon, he saw Across The Mountain leaving the apartment building in what he described as a “rush.”

During cross examination, Plaited Hair told the court the night before when Little Light was yelling, she yelled at his mother that she’d kill her if she didn’t tell her where Across The Mountain was.

Pauline “Cinnamon” Wells then took the stand. She was friends with the victim and also was at the apartment building that day, visiting someone else.

She testified she had been by the building early in the afternoon and heard yelling and fighting from Little Light’s apartment, but wasn’t sure whose voices they were.

She gave a statement to police shortly after the incident and said Little Light was an alcoholic and a bad drunk, but clarified when she testified that she didn’t see Little Light intoxicated that often because she would leave whenever she began drinking.

The trial is slated for three weeks.

On Wednesday the medical examiner and more police officers are expected to take the stand.

Watch below: Jillian Across the Mountain manslaughter trial underway in Lethbridge court

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