Tears flowed when a nurse met the B.C. artists behind the song she sang to a dying woman

Nurse sings dying patient’s favorite song in tear-jerking video
A video of a Nashville nurse giving comfort to a dying patient has gone viral.

There were hugs and tears when a Nashville nurse met the family of a patient she had sung to as she was dying — and the Vancouver-based duo who wrote the song.

That was the scene on Wednesday, on an episode of the Today show ahead of International Nurses Day.

Olivia Neufelder was caring for Margaret Smith as she battled liver cancer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville.

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In her last days, Smith grew to love the song “Dancing in the Sky” by Vancouver’s Dani and Lizzy.

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Neufelder learned the words, and a video that showed her singing it to Smith racked up millions of views in October.

Smith died that month, having never had the chance to meet the artists behind that song.

But Neufelder did. And so did members of her family an emotional segment titled “Unsung Hero” on Today this week.

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Two Vancouver singers get the experience of a lifetime
Two Vancouver singers get the experience of a lifetime

A Today crew surprised Neufelder in hospital.

First, she met members of Smith’s family. Then she was taken to a room where Dani and Lizzy waited in person.

The group exchanged hugs and held hands as they watched an intimate performance of “Dancing in the Sky.”

Speaking to Global News, Dani and Lizzy said they were “immediately so moved” by Neufelder’s actions.

“Nurses, they don’t have to go that above and beyond,” Lizzy said.

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“When I wrote it, I thought this is a really positive song, and I want to share it,” Dani added.

The pair were flown to Nashville, and Dani said she had a “lump in her throat” the whole time.

“It was super special because we were all connected through the song, and finally we were put in a place where we could all meet up.”

For the singers, the reach of their song was a reminder of just how powerful music can be.