Proposed pay increase for Western execs blasted at Queen’s Park

Western University is proposing wage increases to their top executives that would total over $400,000. Jake Jeffrey / 980 CFPL

A proposal to hike executive salaries at Western University came under fire at Queen’s Park on Wednesday.

During question period, London West New Democrat MPP Peggy Sattler blasted the provincial government for how they determined rate increases.

“The Liberals have allowed boards of governors the freedom to select their own comparators to determine salaries without any oversight to ensure the comparators are valid.”

Western University is proposing pay raises that would result in over $400,000 in increased wages to five senior executives whose current compensation totals $1.7 million.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne deferred the question to treasury board president Eleanor McMahon who highlighted the government’s seven-year freeze as well as the reduction of perks like signing bonuses.

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“We remain committed to ensuring fairness and accountability in the way these broad public sector executives’ frameworks and pay are structured.”

A seven-year pay freeze by the Ontario government expires this year, allowing salary increases of up to five per cent.



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