Carole Anne Devaney: It’s a baby hat trick!

Click to play video: 'Carole Anne Devaney reveals she’s pregnant with her third child' Carole Anne Devaney reveals she’s pregnant with her third child
WATCH ABOVE: During Thursday's Global News Hour at 6 Edmonton newscast, co-anchor Carole Anne Devaney revealed she is pregnant with her third child – May 3, 2018

I was doing a workout class recently and the woman on the bike next to me looked at my baby bump and said: “How are you doing? Your first?” When I replied, “Third!” she threw her head back and let out a big, “Whoaaaaa!!! Okkkk!”

Her reaction really made me laugh because it’s one I keep getting over and over and over.

When you reveal you’re pregnant with your first baby, 99 per cent of the time friends and family cry, jump for joy, even let out a few squeals! They are PUMPED.

When you announce you’re having your second, reactions are a bit more subdued, less over the top. People are still excited for you – don’t get me wrong – but emotions are in check because they kind of expected it, LOL.

When you announce you’re pregnant with your third, well, people generally just need a minute to gather their thoughts. They’ll kind of stare at you for a split second before letting out an, “ohhhhhhhh” — long pause — then an “okkkk, wow” — another pause — “you’re brave.”

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I don’t think I’ve ever been told I’m brave so much in my life. I’m really starting to question what I’ve gotten myself into, HAHA!

People either make you feel like you’re a superhero or a complete nut job, for attempting to have more children beyond the typical family of four. It’s been very entertaining to analyze the reactions of relatives and strangers alike because they have all been SO similar.

Those comments will likely ALL make sense once things get real around the third week of September, and I’m at home with three kids under the age of four. Yikes!!

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Pregnant with her third baby!. Global News
Baby bump at four months!. Global News
How Carole Anne revealed to her husband she was pregnant!. Global News

A few months ago, when I told my maternal grandmother I was pregnant, she was excited. But like the rest of them, she looked at me a little puzzled and said: “Why……….? Why did you want a third?”

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I can honestly say that it was just a strong gut feeling. After having two, my husband and I just didn’t feel like our family was complete. I remember putting away my maternity clothes and the infant sleepers, and feeling sad at the thought of never using any of it again.

Now that I’ve reached the halfway mark, I’m so excited to finally be able to talk openly about my pregnancy. The bump behind the news desk was really starting to be like the elephant in the room that no one was addressing!

Have a great week :)

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NOTE: Carole Anne will be blogging throughout her pregnancy! You can follow along on her personal blog.

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