Butcher shop blitz leads to fines for Campbellford hunter

There's bad news for Saskatchewan hunters - the white-tailed deer population is in sharp decline.
A Campbellford hunter faces fines for deer hunting offences in October 2017. File / Global News

An enforcement blitz of a Norwood butcher shop led to $2,250 in fines for a Campbellford hunter.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, on Oct. 25, 2017, conservation officers inspected a deer carcass at a Norwood butcher shop, about 35 kilometres east of Peterborough.

The officers determined who killed the animal and that the hunter brought the carcass to the shop, the MNRF stated on Wednesday.

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The investigation also determined the hunter had killed the deer while bow hunting but did not have a licence or game seal, the MNRF stated.

In court on April 12, Henry Zelasko pleaded guilty to offences under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. He was fined $1,250 for failing to immediately attach his game seal to the white-tailed deer he had harvested;  $500 for failing to provide the required information on the game seal and $500 for failing to carry his deer licence while hunting.

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The deer was forfeited to the Crown and donated to a local charity.