B.C. municipal election 2018: Pouce Coupe results

Lorraine Michetti has been acclaimed as mayor of Pouce Coupe

Michetti ran unopposed. Incumbent councillors Barbara Smith was re-elected along with newcomers Ken Drover, Dona White and Marlene Hebert who were elected.

Below is the full list of mayoral and councillor candidates.



Lorraine Michetti (incumbent)


Ken Drover

Marlene Hebert

Raymond K. Johnston (incumbent)

Andre Lavoie (incumbent)

Barbara Smith (incumbent)

Donna White

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Pouce Coupe is located in B.C.’s northeast region, just south of Dawson Creek.

Population (2016)



The Pouce Coupe area was traditionally inhabited by the Dane-zaa people.

Settlement started there in 1898, when Hector Tremblay set up a grading post and a community started to grow.

Homesteading would begin in a parcel known as the Peace River Block in 1912.

Pouce Coupe would come to be known as the “pioneer capital of the Peace River region.”

Farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan would migrate there during the Great Depression as drought ravaged their provinces.

Farming continues to be a dominant industry in Pouce Coupe as is petroleum.

Pouce Coupe would bear witness to the bursting of a natural gas pipeline in 2009, which forced evacuations.

Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)/B.C. median


Political representation


Bob Zimmer (Conservative)

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Mike Bernier (BC Liberal)