‘Home to Win’ Season 3: Mike Holmes and Mike Holmes Jr. promise the best season yet

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Home to Win is back for its third season, and by the sound of things it’s going to be a fun ride.

HGTV Canada‘s hit reality show features a group of professional designers and contractors — the best in the biz — coming together to transform a shabby structure into a wow-worthy home for one lucky family. This time around, things have slightly changed; the opportunity to win is open exclusively to Canadian first-time homebuyers. (You can apply here.)

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The roster of talent on Home to Win Season 3 is nothing to scoff at. Bryan Baeumler and Scott McGillivray are spearheading the hunt for the perfect property, Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe decide on the overall design; Sarah Baeumler, Sarah Keenleyside, Brian McCourt, Sebastian Clovis, Sabrina Smelko, Mike Holmes Jr., and more HGTV Canada favourites take on the day-to-day challenges of turning the blueprint into a reality. Then, finally, Mike Holmes, Jonathan and Drew Scott (The Property Brothers) and Dave and Kortney Wilson also pitch in with surprise visits throughout the season.

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Global News sat down with Mike Holmes Sr. and Jr. for more details on what’s to come.

This is the biggest season of  ‘Home to Win’ yet

After two seasons together, the Holmes’ attest, the show’s production has really gelled. Viewers will not be disappointed.

“It’s a lot of fun any time you put all these people together — the Baeumlers, us, Scott, this is putting nuts in a bowl, that’s what it is,” said Holmes Sr. “The transformation is extreme. [The house] is totally changed. It’s inviting, it’s wonderful and I think people are going to love it.”

And despite the multitude of personalities, there wasn’t much conflict.

“There are so many different styles and personalities clashing, but somehow it works,” Holmes Jr. agreed. “Everybody’s worked together for two seasons now. I think the competitions are more fun, we’re used to each other.”

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There isn’t that much drama

Neither father or son said there wasn’t any drama; after all, what kind of reality show would it be without a spat here or a disagreement there? But both men insist that the camaraderie on-set was legit.

“Oddly enough, I didn’t see disagreements. Everyone had their jobs to do. The designers designed. Everyone else went in and did their part,” said Holmes Sr.

But what about between father and son?

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“We work together every day, and we have fun,” said Holmes Jr. “We’re very different people, but at the same time we share the same goal.”

“I think we complement each other,” agreed his father. “Mike’s got his point of view, I’ve got mine … I am the boss, so my opinion usually wins. [Laughs] I’ve learned to respect his ideas and opinions.”
“[Laughs] We’ve come a long way in our relationship,” quipped Holmes Jr.

You may wonder, at first glance, who would ever live in that home

Though the Holmes’ didn’t give us any in-depth details about the home itself, we managed to squeeze some info out of them. Their hints seem to indicate the reno home is something like a haunted house.

“Upon first seeing the home, you may ask yourself, ‘Who the hell put that together? Who lived there?'” said Holmes Sr. “It’s very Addams Family-ish, I can say that much. Weird. There was no walkway to the front door. There was no road into the house.”

“I think you said it best: It’s like someone threw a seed and grew a house in the middle of nowhere,” laughed Holmes Jr.

“Let’s put it this way: something will be very ‘batty’ about the house,” said Holmes Sr.

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First-time homebuyers should definitely try to apply

As any person who’s bought a starter home recently can tell you, buying your first house is a nerve-wracking experience from start to finish. The Holmes’ say that any Canadian in the market right now should consider applying to the show. There’s nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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“This market is insane right now, so for anyone looking to buy their first home, it’s very overwhelming,” said Holmes Jr. “A lot of people can’t afford it, so to be able to win … that’s something!”

“Many people are afraid to buy the first house,” agreed Holmes Sr. “The excitement’s there, but they don’t know where to buy, what to buy, where to look. They tend to buy by illusion. They pick an area near a school, for example, without looking at any other aspects of the community.”

The opportunity is there, Canada, and the home is yours to win.

Season 3 of ‘Home to Win’ premieres Sunday, April 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada. The show will air weekly on Global starting Saturday, May 5 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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