B.C. municipal election 2018: Hope results

Peter Robb is the new mayor of Hope, B.C., defeating incumbent Wilfried Vicktor.

Robb finished with 65.6 per cent of the vote, well ahead of Vicktor and fellow mayoral candidate Cindy Young.

Scott Medlock, Dusty Smith, Heather Stewin, Victor Smith, Craig Traun, and Bob Erickson were elected to council.



Peter Robb

Wilfried Vicktor (incumbent)

Cindy Young


John Duff

Bob Erickson (incumbent)

Sharlene Hinds

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Donna Kropp (incumbent)

Scott Medlock (incumbent)

Steven Patterson

Dusty Smith (incumbent)

Victor Smith

Matt T Steberl

Heather Stewin (incumbent)

Paul Stock

Craig Traun

Sung Wong


Hope is located in the Fraser Valley, beside the Fraser River and about 33 kilometres from Agassiz.

Population (2016)



The Sto:lo people were first to live in the area that Hope makes up today. Sto:lo translates as “people of the river,” and in this case, it refers to the Fraser River, which was a lifeline for their people, giving them opportunities to fish for salmon.

They referred to the Hope area as “Ts’qo:ls,” which means “bald” or bare,” describing trees there.

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After Simon Fraser arrived in Hope in 1808, the Hudson’s Bay Company established a fur trading fort in the Hope area in 1848.

With the Gold Rush 10 years later, prospectors came to see the place as a pathway to prosperity.

As American prospectors arrived, they began to exhaust the resources held in First Nation villages, taking food and even killing people to grab what they wanted.

More prospectors came with the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway, and Hope became a community with as many as 40 homes, and logging, farming and fishing became industries there.

Median total income of couple economic families with children (2015)/B.C. median


Crime Severity Index (CSI) — 2016

RCMP – municipal/B.C.

177.22 (+19.74)/93.63 (-0.71)

RCMP – rural/B.C.

268.67 (+56.89)/93.63 (-0.71)

Violent Crime Severity Index (VCSI) — 2016

RCMP – municipal/B.C.

129.24 (+34.78)/74.86 (-9.81)

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RCMP – rural/B.C.

307.38 (+224.82)/74.86 (-9.81)

Political representation


Mark Strahl (Conservative)


Jackie Tegert (BC Liberal)