Road construction season looms for Peterborough area

Several County roads and Hwy 28 will be under reconstruction this summer.
Several County roads and Hwy 28 will be under reconstruction this summer. Steve Guthrie / CHEX News

There’s an old saying: there are two seasons in Canada, winter and construction.  Now that winter has departed, construction season can begin in Peterborough.

Visitors heading north of Peterborough will hit reconstruction of Highway 28 between Young’s Point and Bancroft.

It’s not just the province that will be doing road work this summer but the County of Peterborough as well.  Some of the work is minor in comparison to the complete rebuilding of Highway 28, but the director of public works says there’s a lot of it and it has to be done.

“We have approximately 50 kilometres of micro surfacing on various roads around the county of Peterborough, another 15 kilometres of surface treatment and in most cases this is just rehabilitation type work in order to give  us a good travelling surface over existing roads that have been well built” says Chris Bradley, director of public works for Peterborough County

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Many businesses in Peterborough County depend on summer tourism and Bradley says they realize how important it is to cater to the motoring visitor. At the same time, summer is the best time to engage in construction projects.

“We want to cause the minimum amount of inconvenience for the travelling public, but maximize the amount of work we can do on the infrastructure so it’s quite a juggling act,” says Bradley.

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A full list of Peterborough County construction projects is available on the county’s website.

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