Marijuana activist builds ‘love cannon’ bong out of leaf blower for 4/20 Vancouver event

Thousands of retailers specializing in cannabis products took part in a massive 4/20 rally in Vancouver on Friday, including one who demonstrated a leaf blower that was turned into a bong.

Thousands of retailers specializing in cannabis products are down at Sunset Beach in Vancouver on Friday celebrating the 23rd annual hazy holiday.

One of the retailers has a rather unique product this year — he has turned a leaf blower into what he calls a “love canon” bong.

“I brought about five or 10 pounds I’m going to blast into the atmosphere,” he told Global News.

Once the weed is loaded, he then heats up the bud and then sprays the marijuana smoke into the air.

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For the first time, organizers of the event say they are offering to cover the cost of sanitation, traffic control and engineering but not policing. Last year, the total bill for the City of Vancouver following the event was just under $250,000, including policing.

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The Park Board has once again refused to grant a permit for the event, which it says is an inappropriate use of park space because it violates no-smoking bylaws and “has negative consequences for park users and infrastructure.”