Fredericton restaurant staff collecting tips for Humboldt Broncos

Jayme Humphrey says she and her co-workers at William's Seafood in Fredericton will be donating all their weekend tips to the Humboldt Broncos.
Jayme Humphrey says she and her co-workers at William's Seafood in Fredericton will be donating all their weekend tips to the Humboldt Broncos. Adrienne South / Global News

Staff at a Fredericton, N.B., restaurant are pledging to donate all their tips raised over the weekend to support the players and families impacted by the devastating Humboldt Broncos bus crash.

Jayme Humphrey, 17, who works at William’s Seafood, said she wanted to do something to help the players and their families affected by the recent tragedy.

“I decided since I was working all weekend that I would take all the tips that me and my coworkers made and donate it towards the GoFundMe page for the Humboldt broncos hockey team,” Humphrey said.

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Humphrey plays for the Fredericton High School Black Kats hockey team and said the fatal bus crushed struck a chord.

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“I could just see myself on the bus heading to a game like having fun and it’s just really, it’s tragic,” Humphrey said.

She said it wasn’t hard to convince her co-workers to get on board with the cause.

William’s Seafood owner Gerry Vautour said he plans on matching the amount his staff raise and said he will also donate an additional $500 to the GoFundMe page.

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing that’s happened and it’s nice to hear all kinds of these stories popping up around the country … This is a really good example of what I think Canadians are all about, coming together and helping out people when it’s called for,” Vautour said.

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Humphrey said her goal is to try to raise $1,000 and said on Friday customers chipped in approximately $80.

Customer Justin Robichaud said it’s wonderful to see the staff taking part in such a selfless act.

“It’s fantastic,” Robichaud said. “The staff here are always great it’s not a surprise to see that they’re doing something like this, it’s a really, really nice gesture.”

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Steve LeBlanc was also dining in the restaurant on Saturday and said it was a nice surprise to see staff helping others.

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“I think it’s really a very sincere way to kind of give back to the community and everyone is kind of connected, the hockey community is kind of connected throughout Canada whether you’re in one region or another, so it’s kinda of nice that everyone is stepping up and doing their part,” LeBlanc said.

Jason Humphrey, who is Jayme’s father, also stopped by to visit and said he’s proud to see her do something like this to help others.

“It’s never east for a child to see something happen and not know quite what to do and where to reach or what to do, but to take that initiative and be supportive of the initiative. It says a lot about our community and the people that are in our communities,” Jason Humphrey said.

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“It’s always great when companies come on board for anything big or small, but especially when an owner recognizes that one of their employees is taking on an initiative of their own, it’s nice to see them step up and help that employee and help others,” Jason Humphrey said.

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