‘Mad About You’ reboot: Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt sign on

Paul Reiser as Paul Buchman and Helen Hunt as Jamie Stemple Buchman on 'Mad About You.'.
Paul Reiser as Paul Buchman and Helen Hunt as Jamie Stemple Buchman on 'Mad About You.'. Getty Images/NBCU Photo Bank

We can credit the unexpectedly massive success of Roseanne for the upcoming wave of television reboots and revivals, and the latest ’90s-era sitcom to make a comeback is Mad About You, which will be returning to TV.

According to Entertainment Weekly, series stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt have signed on the dotted line to mount a revival of the hit sitcom, which ran from 1992 until 1999.

In Mad About You, Reiser and Hunt played a married couple dealing with the ups and downs of wedded bliss in 1990s Manhattan, with a supporting cast that included John Pankow (Episodes) and Lisa Kudrow, whose waitress character was revealed to be the twin sister of Phoebe on Friends (she actually did double duty on both shows for a while).

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In addition to Roseanne and Will & Grace (both of which will return next season), the TV landscape promises to be chock-full of ’90s nostalgia, with CBS having already greenlit a revival of Murphy Brown for the 2018-19 season.

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As EW reports, the next step will be finding a home for the Mad About You revival; while NBC — the network on which the show originally aired — would be the obvious choice. There’s no guaranteeing where it may wind up airing when it goes to the highest bidder.

In a 2016 interview with Variety, Reiser actually dismissed the notion of reviving the show. “One of the things we did deliberately in the finale was that we jumped ahead in the future,” he said of the series finale. “We saw where they went. Part of why we did that was to avoid the temptation of going back… When you watch a reunion [show], all you do is say ‘Wow, do they look older.’”

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However, Hunt was singing a far different tune in a recent interview with People, and points to Will & Grace as offering a blueprint on how to do a revival well.

“The dream is to get to do it,” said Hunt. “I’ve been watching Will & Grace and laughing so hard out loud. They’re just crushing it. I have remained very, very close friends with Paul. Reboot or no reboot, we have lunch once a month. We really enjoy and care for each other. It was a very loving piece of work. We loved it. It would be fun to work on something that’s really about love.”

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Addressing the march of time — Hunt is now 54 and Reiser is 64 — she added: “We’ll be older though. I hope people are prepared for that. I’m not prepared for it!”