With former Mayor set to testify, Projet Montreal turns focus to election

MONTREAL – Projet Montreal leader and candidate for mayor Richard Bergeron is getting out of the gate early, positioning his party as transparent and above influence on the eve of former Mayor Gerald Tremblay’s testimony before the Charbonneau Commission.

While Bergeron doesn’t believe that Tremblay’s testimony at the Charbonneau Commission will have an effect on the Nov. 3 election, he’s already rallying his party’s position as ethical, including taking shots at other potential mayoral candidates, like Liberal MP Denis Coderre.

“Ah… the famous name… where is that guy?” he asked rhetorically at a press conference at the party’s St. Henri headquarters. “With all we saw in the last month and last week?”¬†Coderre did not respond to requests for comment.

In the wake of major changes in City Hall which led to Mayor Michael Applebaum’s interim appointment, candidates are already lining up their campaigns. Vision Montreal leader Louise Harel has already thrown her hat in the ring.

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Political analyst Harold Chorney said candidates will likely come out of the woodwork for this election in the face of massive upheaval. Between now and November several politicians from a wide variety of areas could end up running. Applebaum has said repeatedly that he will not run for mayor in the next election – an assertion Chorney said will be tested soon.

“We’re going to know whether or not Mayor Applebaum is going to stick to his promise not to run,” Chorney said.

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One important player who has been quiet lately is city councillor Marvin Rotrand, who announced the creation of a new party in January.

“He’s a person who will definitely want to be involved in one way or another, if he can be,” Chorney confirmed.

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