Ontario to reduce GO Transit and Union-Pearson Express fares in 2019

Ontario will lower the cost of taking GO Transit and Union-Pearson Express in 2019.
Ontario will lower the cost of taking GO Transit and Union-Pearson Express in 2019. Don Mitchell / Global News

As part of the province’s long-term plan to reduce fares and integrate regional transit across GTA networks, Ontario will lower fares for PRESTO users on GO transit in 2019.

Early in the new year, trips anywhere on the GO network under 10 kilometres will cost just $3 for PRESTO users, while rides on the GO and Union-Pearson Express to any station but Pearson airport within Toronto will be reduced to $3.

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In addition, York, Durham, Brampton and Mississauga transit network riders will be able to transfer to and from the TTC for just $1.50 per ride. Costs for the transfers will be subsidized through the province’s climate change action plan.

“People will see the GO train as an option for those short trips they would not have thought to use GO as an option” said Premier Kathleen Wynne, who revealed the fare reductions alongside Toronto Mayor John Tory at the Willowbrook Maintenance Yard on Thursday.

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Tory said the move will help city initiatives, including the SmartTrack plan, to create an integrated transit network within the 416, offering affordability and reducing congestion on TTC subway platforms.

“We can proudly say that relief for transit riders is on the way, ” Tory said, “Go Transit will now become cost equivalent as an option of the residents of Toronto to get around.”

No specific date was given for when the fare changes will take place.

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