Week 12 – Reid Wilkins takes on the YMCA Community Health Challenge

Reid Wilkins and his trainer Damien celebrate the end of the YMCA Community Health Challenge. Reid Wilkins/630 CHED

I went into the YMCA Community Health Challenge with, really, no expectations. My goal was to be open-minded, commit to every exercise and learn new ways to workout.

I didn’t set any specific weight loss goals. From past years, I know my eating habits aren’t great during the hockey season and I tend to lose weight in the summer. Indeed, my start and end weights were the same for the health challenge. The positive was that I gained two pounds of muscle and lost two pounds of fat.

Working with Damien at the Don Wheaton YMCA was a pleasure. I’ll definitely stay in touch with him. My goal of learning new exercises was totally achieved. I estimate I’ve added over two dozen options to my workout regime.

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Damien and I often joked that really the whole point of our sessions was to achieve one crowning moment at the end. Here it is:

Overall, the YMCA Community Health Challenge was an awesome experience. Thanks to Damien and everyone at the Don Wheaton for making me feel welcome!

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