Boat meant for Northwest Passage breaks loose due to extreme weather

A sailboat being tested for the Northwest Passage has been detached from its moorings off of Wolfe Island due to high winds. Submitted / Judy Greenwood-Speers

A sailboat that was left locked in the winter ice off of Wolfe Island this year has broken free on Wednesday from its moorings due to rough waters and extreme winds.

This particular boat has a cement hull, and was meant to be sailed by its owner Jeff Campbell through the Northwest Passage all the way to Vancouver, which is why he left the boat in the icy waters of Lake Ontario over the winter. The owner wanted to test the boat’s ability to withstand the arctic conditions of the journey.

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Some residents raised complaints earlier in the year, worrying that if the boat became unmoored during the spring thaw that it may crash into docks on the island, or cause some environmental damage.

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According to Judy Greenwood-Speers, a Wolfe Island resident who snapped a picture of the sailboat, the boat is currently loose and banging up against an old coal dock just east of the village on Wolfe Island.

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