The Royal Canadian Mint recognizes Manitoba’s famous UFO incident

The Royal Canadian Mint posted their newest collectors coins on social media. One of which commemorates Manitoba’s famous Falcon Lake UFO incident in a 1 oz. pure silver coin shaped like an alien head. Plus it glows in the dark.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Falcon Lake UFO incident happened 50 years ago on May 20th, 1967. Stefan Michalak, an industrial mechanic, ventured out into the wilderness around Falcon Lake looking to prospect for quartz and silver. While Stefan was out he was startled to see two cigar shaped objects in the sky. One descended and landed on a flat rock. When the object landed, it took on the appearance of a disc rather than a cigar.

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Believing that the craft may have been a secret military vehicle, Stefan, for about 30 minutes, sketched what he was looking at. At one point he moved closer to the craft. When he reached out to touch it, the fingertips of the gloves he was wearing melted. The metallic craft began to turn counter-clockwise and blasted Stefan with hot gasses which blew him backwards and set both his shirt a cap on fire.

You can read the full story here.

With UFOs being brought back into the public’s consciousness, with the release of government approved footage by To The Stars Academy, it’s only fitting that one of Manitoba’s own UFO incidents makes headlines. The coin can be purchased online for $129.95 here.

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