Manitoba gets record breaking cold in early April

April has felt more like a winter month.
April has felt more like a winter month. Submitted by Angele Papineau

Easter Monday brought record cold temperatures to much of northern Manitoba.

Berens River, Gillam, Island Lake, Norway House, The Pas, and Thompson all set record lows for April 2 with temperatures between -29° Celsius and -34.0° C.

  • Berens River: -32.0° (old record -29.9° in 1996)
  • Gillam: -30.0° (old record 29.9° in 1977)
  • Island Lake: -29.0° (old record -28.1° in 2003)
  • Norway House: -33.0° (old record -30.9° in 1996)
  • The Pas: -30.0° (old record -29.4° in 1967)
  • Thompson: -34.0° (old record -29.9° in 2003)
  • Island Lake also set a record on April 1 as well reaching -26.0° C.

Similar temperatures and record lows were also set in Saskatchewan April 2 and over the Easter weekend.

Further south in Winnipeg, no records were set but the unseasonably cold weather is unusual. It hasn’t been this cold this time of year in two decades.

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Wednesday morning, the Winnipeg airport registered a temperature of -20.5° C. This is the coldest temperature registered in April since 1997.

On April 9, 1997, Winnipeg reached a low of -21.6°.

And it’s not just Manitobans feeling the cold.  Check out this tweet from Global News Chief Meteorologist Anthony Farnell.

It’s official, nobody is dealing with more abnormally cold weather for this time of year than the Canadian prairies.