Man accused of stealing from grandmother faces 25 charges

A local Kingston man is facing 25 charges including four counts of theft, one of which involves his own grandmother. Global News Kingston

A local Kingston man is facing 25 charges after he was arrested Tuesday. Among the long list of charges are four counts of theft, one of which includes stealing from his elderly grandmother.

According to police, the 23-year-old Kingston man visited a money store on Princess Street on Feb. 15 and tried to cash a cheque he had stolen and forged from his grandmother.

Const. Cam Mack, Kingston police media relations officer, said the value of the cheque was around $100. The money store staff apparently suspected the cheque to be fraudulent, so the accused left to go to his mother’s house.

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Unfortunately for the accused, once his mother learned of the incident, she called the police and the accused fled. A warrant was issued for his arrest, but the police said the man had disappeared.

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He reappeared just over a month later on Mar. 23, when police say he entered a locker room of a recreational facility and allegedly stole one person’s wallet. Police say he then used the victim’s credit cards and debit cards to make several tap purchases and to obtain cash back. Mack said the exact amount allegedly stolen from the credit and debit cards is still unknown.

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The man allegedly struck again on Mar. 27, breaking into a locker at a downtown park and stealing another person’s wallet and identification. The young man was then stopped by police while driving down Wellington Street, and gave a fake name to the police officer questioning him.

The man was then arrested and officers found stolen identification and a flip-knife in his car.

Mack said the suspect was known to the police before the money store incident, and that there is a small possibility they may find him connected to other crimes. “He was a busy individual for a little while,” Mack said. “But I think we’ve caught up with everything so far.”

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