Canada’s allies frustrated with Trudeau handling of Mali peacekeeping announcement

WATCH: MPs debate Canadian participation in peacekeeping mission in Mali

Diplomats from some of Canada’s closest allies are expressing frustration with how the Trudeau government handled this week’s announcement that it plans to send military helicopters to Mali.

They anonymously say the government failed to explain that the mission is both necessary and that the Canadians will be relatively safe, compared to the thousands of other peacekeepers working in Mali.

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They fear the government has allowed incorrect information to spread unchallenged, threatening to undermine Canadian public support for what they say is a critical contribution to the UN peacekeeping effort in the West African nation.

The UN appealed for Canada’s assistance last week.

WATCH: 250 Canadian peacekeepers heading to Mali

250 Canadian peacekeepers heading to Mali
250 Canadian peacekeepers heading to Mali

On Monday Ottawa said Canada would send six helicopters to Mali to help with medical evacuations and transporting UN troops and supplies.

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But it’s not yet clear how many personnel will be involved.