Vernon kids weigh in on recommendations to make city more youth-friendly

Click to play video: 'Vernon aims to be more youth friendly' Vernon aims to be more youth friendly
WATCH: Vernon officials are consulting with local youth to determine what changes can be made to make the city more attractive to families with teenagers and younger children – Mar 16, 2018

In Vernon, seniors vastly outnumber children, with a quarter of the population over age 65.

The city wants to create a more youth-friendly community, in part to attract more kids and families to town.

On Friday, the city invited both adults and youth to weigh in on proposed plans.

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The long list of recommendations included encouraging more community gardens and all-ages venues.

“If you put up an apartment, there should be a playground there or a green space where children who live there can go and be outside,” said Cleo Corbett, a long-range planner for the city.

Vernon teenager Karsinn Armitage was part of the committee that came up with the recommendations. He doesn’t think Vernon is currently particularly youth-friendly, but is happy to see the city consulting young people.

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“Things like this really help to actually get the voice of youth,” Armitage said.

“I really think that all youth need to get out there and voice [their thoughts] themselves or else older people are just going to be making our decisions for us.”

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A finalized Youthful Vernon Strategy is expected to go to city council next month, opening the door for the proposals to be implemented.

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