Farrah Abraham quits ‘Teen Mom OG’ after choosing to continue adult entertainment work

TV personality Farrah Abraham attends the 2016 MTV Movie Awards at Warner Bros. Studios on April 9, 2016 in Burbank, California. Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV

WARNING: This story contains explicit language.

After nearly 10 years working with MTV, Farrah Abraham has decided to no longer participate in the show, Teen Mom OG.

On Monday night’s all-new episode of Teen Mom OG, Abraham revealed her decision to executive producer Morgan J. Freeman.

“Honestly, webcams or adult entertainment or healthy sex lives or safe sex or all these things. All that stuff is more beneficial and I will always continue to do that if it’s my own show, not on MTV anymore,” Abraham explained during a phone call. “There are so many paths for me in my life. Hell, I’m only 26.”

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When Freeman said that he just wants the reality star to do what she feels is best for her family and career, Abraham made her announcement.

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“Well then, I will just have my lawyer contact you guys and I wish you guys all the best,” she said before hanging up the phone. “Thank you, have a great night.”

MTV posted two recent tweets from Abraham that shed more light on her decision to leave the Teen Mom franchise.

“Watching @TeenMom @MTV I’m so happy I don’t welcome anymore of @MTV made up s**t to help mention the other trash moms feel important lmao good luck @MTV #2018goals #Sorrynotsorry,” she wrote to her followers.

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MTV shared a second tweet from Abraham, dating back to January.

I appreciate this great example of being a strong woman through some deceitful horrible plotted contrived times on this show. It’s horrible when people play dumb, act ignorant like they have no clue of what their consequences for their actions are as their older than I am,” the reality star tweeted.

Earlier in the Teen Mom OG episode, Freeman decided to meet up with Abraham face-to-face to talk about her future on the show.

During the sit-down between the two, Freeman brought up his concerns, including how Abraham treats the producers.

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“We want to look at how people are treated. For example, Kristen, who we all love, who we think is doing a great job, isn’t here today,” he told Abraham. “You don’t snap your fingers and say, ‘new producer,’ and we fly one in. I think some compassion and understanding that everybody is working.”

“I am so compassionate, I am so understanding, I am working my a** off just like everyone,” she said.

“You do have very little empathy or compassion for other people,” Freeman said to Abraham, before asking, “Do you feel like you respect the people that are around you, that are trying to make the show and spend all this time?”

“I respect a lot of people who respect me,” Abraham responded.

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“The amount of work that goes into keeping you happy with the crew has bubbled up to a point where we have to figure out if we move forward,” Freeman said. “Out of nine moms, you’re the only one that’s the problem.”

“I’m sorry. F**king shoot me for being who I am. I’m sorry,” Abraham responded. “I’m not difficult. Look, Morgan, I don’t need any more drama.”

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(Warning: This video contains explicit language.)

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Freeman also mentioned the adult themed webcam show that Abraham was planning on doing. He told Abraham that she can “choose to do whatever you want; nobody is here to cast judgment on anything.”

He continued: “But if you choose to work in the adult industry, we can’t continue to film you for Teen Mom.”

Abraham responded to Freeman’s remarks on Twitter Monday by referencing the Time’s Up movement.

“I’m tired of working around a company who exploits my sexuality yet harasses me for my sexuality   boring tactics that should be stopped … let’s look at your sex have no room to speak,” she wrote.

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The reality TV star sent a follow-up tweet, saying, “I’m so damn happy I will never have to be around unsafe, discriminatory, sexist, hateful, wrong doing, bullying, deceitful illegal horrible ethics ever again! I’m free & so happy I stood up for what is right! Justice will be served so happy I’m not stuck in the horrible cycle!”

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Abraham was one of the first cast members from the 16 and Pregnant franchise in 2009. She went on to star in the series Teen Mom from 2009-2012 and she has been a main cast member on Teen Mom OG since 2015.

The My Teenage Dream Ended author filed a lawsuit against MTV and the whole Teen Mom OG production, alleging that she was fired and “sex-shamed” over her decision to continue her career in pornography in February.

WATCH BELOW: Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ star, sues MTV for $5M over ‘sex-shaming’

Click to play video: 'Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ star, sues MTV for $5M over ‘sex-shaming’' Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ star, sues MTV for $5M over ‘sex-shaming’
Farrah Abraham, ‘Teen Mom’ star, sues MTV for $5M over ‘sex-shaming’ – Feb 22, 2018

Abraham was cut from the remainder of Teen Mom OG in October, which she claimed stemmed from her involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

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Abraham has filed a US$5-million lawsuit against Viacom, Eleventh Street Productions, Anxious Eleven and Teen Mom producer Freeman.

She filed complaints of harassment, wrongful termination based upon gender discrimination and retaliation based upon gender discrimination, according to documents obtained by E!.

“Threats were made against Ms. Abraham by Freeman about ending her career with MTV and sabotaging future deals Ms. Abraham had in place with MTV, and defaming her,” the lawsuit continued. “Given Freeman’s hostile tone, mannerisms and body language, Ms. Abraham feared for her life.”

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Abraham claims she suffered “emotional pain, emotional suffering, inconvenience, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life” from the incident with Freeman.

She took to Instagram to comment further, writing, “I stand up for what is right so we all can be treated better and have a better world. If you want to continue this bad cycle then stay away from me & my family.”

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In a statement, a Viacom spokesperson said, “We respect Farrah’s decision to pursue other endeavours and we wish her the best. Regarding her suit, the claims are without merit.”

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