Scott Thompson: Don’t let an extremist minority divide the rest of us

Police tape off downtown Hamilton alleyway after a man was stabbed multiple times.
Police tape off downtown Hamilton alleyway after a man was stabbed multiple times. Andrew Collins‏ @ACollinsPhoto / Twitter

When discussing the vandalism that occurred on Locke Street in Hamilton last Saturday, it’s been interesting to hear everyone’s take on what, and whom, they think was behind it.

One guest blamed it on the extreme right and the intolerance coming out of the United States, which the guest argued gives credibility to such groups.

Later we find out it isn’t an extreme right-wing group at all but the opposite — an extreme left-wing faction of an anti-business, anti-capitalist movement — that is lashing out at anyone who makes or invests their money in small business.

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It appears this group isn’t interested in anything other than wrecking what others have worked hard to build.

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They have no end game other than anarchy. How is that better than what we have? Why are people scrambling to live in Canada and to be Canadian if there is no opportunity here, but instead only ungovernable anarchy?

We need to take care not to blame those we disagree with for actions we don’t like. That’s what groups like the self-proclaimed “Ungovernables” are trying to do. They want to get the rest of us fighting with each other to create the anarchy they crave.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t fight each other. This is not about left or right political views. It’s about right and wrong, normal and extreme.

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Stand up and fight the extremists in our world, left and right, who are hell-bent on destroying us and our democracy.

Scott Thompson hosts The Scott Thompson Show on Global News Radio 900 CHML.





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